26 Ways to Lose – 10 kg! (PART IV)


Before I started making this List, I asked myself this question: “what do people not realize or know that can contribute to their weight loss results?
With internet and social media there is a ton of information out there all stating the same thing but using different ways to describe them.
It’s no wonder many people get confused when they set out to start their weight loss plan because of being overwhelmed with information on how to lose weight, fat, in the first place!
So I decided to go a different route and give you tips and the 26 Ways to Lose -10 kg that I feel is the very essence of becoming successful in your fat loss goals and managing your body fat.
With this foundation that changes the way you approach and the way your mind thinks towards fat loss, I am positively certain you will be successful!




Below are the last 08 Ways to do your transformation:




For example: If you want to lose 10 kg at the end of 10 weeks then you need to lose 1 kg of fat per week.
Very simple.
Another goal would be to add to your short term goal would be to do you Positive Affirmations that you made by turning around your Limiting Beliefs, to do these every morning or every other day.
You decide.
But DO IT.


20. CREATE A CONSISTENT WORKOUT PROGRAM that you can follow easily without having to skip workouts.
Plan these workouts into your day and for no reason should you move them to another day, they need to become a part of your lifestyle.


21. EAT EVERY 2-3 HOURS a small meal consisting of protein, complex carbohydrates or carbohydrates filled with fiber.
By eating every 3 hours regularly you stabilize blood sugar levels which in turn help stabilize your insulin hormone & leptin levels.
This will give you more satisfaction in your body of getting enough nutritional needs in your system, it will speed up your metabolism and keep your energy levels higher as
well as will help you avoid blood sugar crashes when you do not eat enough and not often enough.


Alcohol is mostly sugars.
Having nearly as many calories as fat does (fat has 9 calories per gram and alcohol has 7 calories per gram) it is the worst substance to have when you are trying to lose fat, gain muscle, speed up your metabolism, and avoid peaks in your blood sugar levels which in turn only will make it difficult for your body to lose its unwanted fat.


Most people need to drink 2-3 liters of water a day.
Water helps your body get rid of excess toxins & very important as well is that in these toxins is the ugly fat you want to get rid of.
Water helps break down all the waste that your fat has and flushes it out of your system.


Not tomorrow, or the next day.
To accept your body doesn’t mean you cannot want to improve it.
On the contrary, when you love your body you want to take care of it, pamper it, give it good nutrition, help your body to become stronger, have better skin, get rid of fat around areas where there is a greater risk for diseases like your abdominal area.
To accept your body means to love yourself as you are, now, today, and tomorrow letting nothing hold you back in doing what you want to do in life, towards your dreams and goals.
When you accept your body as it is now this will create a positive mindset which in turn gives better energy and vibes in yourself and around you.
Like attracts like! Voila!
You will be on your way to losing the body fat, creating a better more positive lifestyle,
reaching not only your fat loss goals but ALL GOALS IN YOUR LIFE!


25. AVOID YOUR COUCH, yes that’s correct, you are reading this correctly.
Stay away from your couch until about the last 1 to 1.5 hours before you go to bed.
By avoiding your couch you will stay active.
The more active you are the more energy you use each day.
Underestimating this can cost you several otherwise lost ounces or kilos.
Do as much as you can physically each day, staying busy is a great way to lose fat.


High quality supplements for your general health and recovery from hard work or
exercise. I do not mean supplements like the special sport supplements that fitness and bodybuilding athletes take.
Although a whey protein supplement can help you get the extra protein you need each day without having to eat chicken all day.
I am talking about your multi-vitamins, omega 3’s, vitamin C, vitamin D, magnesium.
These vitamins and minerals will be less apparent in your food when you are on a
Obviously because you will be eating less than you need to stay at the bodyweight you are currently on.


foto trabalhada
Written by Vivian Hylkema – Personal Trainer & Wellness Consultant
Miss Universe Ladies Bodybuilding, Personal Trainer, Muscle + Mind Coach. June, 2015

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