A lot has been going on this year, well, actually the past 3-4 years.
Sometimes when I look back in my diaries I read my notes and see the same situations that I also experienced after that.
But I know this is not a good sign!
So where do those reoccurrences come from?
Why haven’t I learned from the experience before?
Basically, my thoughts on this is that somewhere in my inner world there was not enough pain, or joy, in the situation to shift me over to the actions that will get me the results I wish.
The results we all wish for come in all forms and in all areas of our life.
If you want to lose unwanted fat you will experience the same situation.
Is your pain of having those unwanted kilos of fat worse that the pleasure or joy of feeling of being lighter in weight and feeling more fit and happy in your body?
So to remember how you want to feel will get you to those results, either way.
A thought will bring an emotion or feeling, the one you want or the one you don’t want.
When I look back to 2007 I had my vision on winning the World Championships Women’s Physique.
I had my goal, but I was far from it.
That made no difference though because I would visualize myself reaching my goal, standing on the stage, seeing myself posing, how I wanted to look, the way I wanted to move, how I wanted my body to look, and the most important I would see myself receiving the 1st prize!
It was like doing ‘time travel’ in my mind.
Taking myself to a place where the end result would be, the goal would be realized.
I would visualize the stage, the scenery, the lights, the feeling of anticipation of excitement before going on stage, the smells that I would experience, I would see the little things like how I walked, the movement of my hands, my make-up, my body shape, anything and everything that would be happening that day that I visualized myself winning, this is what I kept my eye on, the END RESULT ONLY!
I even became so bold and believed in reaching my goal that I printed my business cards with the text ‘2007 World Champion’ on them.
I printed them in March and gave them away.
The Championships were in November of that year!
And I reached that goal.
So the key to reaching any goal, small or large, is to be able to put yourself in the place of having reached your goal, using all senses of feeling, seeing, hearing, touch, and smell.
If you can do this, YOU WILL REACH YOUR GOAL.
But you must never, ever, not even once, allow yourself to be side tracked into side roads that could take your vision off of your goal, because if you do then you create the real possibility that you will not reach your goal.
These are the keys to having what you want.
But first and foremost, you must decide what you want!
Here is to wishing your Goals become reality!




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